We Provide quality Business System and Support

We strive to keep our customers satisfied with our services rendered. At the forefront of our mission is our commitment to continually add new high tech products and technologies and to evolve without compromising our level of services.
FrontRow IT Solutions has the knowledge and experience you are looking for in a computer service company in United Arab Emirates. We are focused on helping businesses in UAE make wise decisions regarding their network.
Successful companies rarely make business decisions without a clear goal or plan in place. Trustworthy advice is more important than ever and when these companies need to make critical decisions, they seek out those who have delivered proven results. So, how do you know what advice is good advice? Where do you find it and how much does it cost?
There are often many ways to accomplish the same goal – some are better than others while one is usually the clear winner. How do you know which way is right? In business, we call that right way a “Best Practice”.
Unfortunately for most small businesses, the technology planning and technology consulting they are offered falls far short of Best Practices. They usually get their computer planning from friends, relatives, the local computer mega-store sales person or someone in their office who is “pretty good” with computers. What they often end up with is a lot of budget computer equipment that doesn’t do what they want and seems to have more problems than it should. In short, it becomes an expensive disappointment.

Our Vision

To provide Hi tech advance satisfying IT services to your organization and to install and solve server installation and networking in All UAE companies to make every business successful & progressive.

Our Mission

We want our customer happy to be the best solution provider to achieve our vision.  We want to contribute in customer IT related problems and solving in the right manner with good expertise. Our Experiences IT Specialists are always ready and confident to solve that issues in any organizations.

Our Values

We are confident, Friendly, honest and surprising to deliver all services.

We are providing  dedicated Internet services at a good rate in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia , United Arab Emirates and Oman.

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